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My Pen and User Name is Mezveranac (Mezzy to Some) and I Am About to Make you NO Promises. What I Will Be Doing Instead Is Explaining a Hopeful Plan and Requesting Your Input and Perhaps Your Participation. I Do Not Want Your Money! However, I Need You To Understand A Need For Discretion. Therefore, Before I Can Disclose the Remainder of My Plan For Profits, I Must Simply Ask You To Trust Me. I Am Recruiting At Least A Hundred Authors Willing To Submit A Sample (At this time) of Their Work. I Need Original Works of Fact or Fiction and YOU Need the Sample To Carry A Good Hook.

Note: We Do NOT Have Interest In Vulgar or Pornographic Literature. And I Am Directing Our Initial Effort Primarily At Fiction. The Site (When Launched) Will Be Moderated By Some Wonderfully Strict People Who Will Brow Beat Us Both For That Type of Content. That Said, a Little Grit is Very Effective Especially in the Genres of Horror and Mystery.

Now I Am Not Going To Lie To You; I am Planning on Using Your Help to Make Money for Both Of Us. But I am Expecting a Launch in Early to Mid-January and Profits to Start Showing the Following Month. Furthermore, If My Timeline Holds, I Intend To Be Offering Scholarships By the End Of 2014.

Does This Sound Like Something You Would Like to Be A Part Of? If So I Need A Flash Fact/Fiction (about 500 words) Submitted As Soon As Possible. I Will Review It and Offer You Feedback at That Point and Perhaps, Allow You to Access More Of My Contact Information. Prior To Launch, Those In That List Will Be Given The Details of How The Money WILL Be Made and Will Need To Provide a Solid Work of Between 100 to 10,000 words. Multiple Acceptable Works Will Be Accepted…..


Again, Thank You For Your Interest,



Other Ways To Get To Know Us:

Email The Administrators: (These Guys Are The IT End of The Project)

Jobes_gpt@ymail.com or Mezveranac.gpt@gmail.com

Email The Moderators: (The Ladiess Who Will Maintain A High Moral Level In This Project)



Mezveranac.Net Scheduled for Launch: 12-15-2015!

Attention Members and Friends! We need Writers! We Can Launch Early But Only If We Have the Material to Populate The Site! If You know anyone creative and Open-Minded, Bring them in!