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You Won a $500 Wal-Mart Visa!

Posted by Mezveranac on March 19, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, I can’t say that I wasn’t a bit excited when one of the drawings I had entered sent me this consolation prize:

You won a $500 Wal-mart Visa!!

Participation required.

All I had to do was: join Netflix, Book of the Month Club, Dr. Seuss’s Library, and BOCM2, as well as take four trial offers: Hydroxytone, Beauty3, and a pair of teeth whitening products.

That day I was out just under $40 bucks. If I failed to cancel all those memberships and auto-shipments, I would be out about $320 every month. Honestly, I thought it was still a pretty good deal. I would cancel the trials the day the samples came in. I didn't like Netflix but I would keep the Book clubs. :D

So I followed the steps to register my “successful program completion”. And I decided to read the Terms and Conditions. Remembering some of the others I had encountered....

Well, this SCAM requires you to spend 100 dollars on a single receipt and mail it in with all the pertinent information for your claim. Bear in mind that any amount of at least 100 dollars is a qualifying receipt but one for 300 doesn’t mean it qualifies as three receipts. It only counts as one. Each of these qualifying receipts takes 4 to 6 weeks to process and yields a “Voucher” mailed back for $10 to be placed on the Visa Card of the winner (sounds like a 10% rebate at this point). It costs 34 cents for the stamp and $3 to load money onto the Visa meaning you gain 6.66 dollars…. Until you consider that the card has a monthly fee too. Oh, and the rules recommend sending the receipts in via certified mail so that you have a record of when they are received etc. because the site is not responsible for lost or misdirected mail. This adds another $2.35 to every receipt to get your voucher. We are down to $4.31 profit for spending $100+! Now let’s not bring in the gas money for the trips to the store and the post office because we are going there anyway right?

So let’s recap. To get my $500 on my Prepaid Visa Card I only have to spend $5000.50 dollars at the store (assuming I get exactly $100.01 each time per absolute minimum); I have to spend $18 in stamps and envelopes; I have to spend $117.5 for letter registration; and I have to spend $150 in Loading fees. If this could be done in less than two months we would only need to endure $16 worth of monthly card fees. This brings our total to: $5302 after and not including the Participation Required!

It is my personal opinion that this should be prosecutable for at the very least false advertising! 
You haven't won anything! 


Posted by Mezveranac on February 19, 2012 at 8:50 PM Comments comments (0)

     While floating about the web tonight (2-19-2012), I found myself curious about the designs and methodology for the myriad drawings and "instant win" games out in the webiverse. Those who know me best know that shortly thereafter I was found reading the Terms and Conditions for the top results of my Bing search. What I found was enough to send my blood pressure over the top!

     Did you know that one of the best advertised daily lotto games with nearly 100,000 daily players (me too), sends the winners an email. At that point, the lucky winner has a mere three hours to confirm his identity and resolve ALL requirements (uploading photos, confirming eligibility, etc....) in order to claim the prize. I guess checking the numbers the next morning (like I have been doing for six months) is just a good way to get very depressed!

     Imagine waking up and finding out that you won only to discover that you lost your million dollars because you were not online when the drawing was held at 10 pm local time. I guess I'll be changing my bedtime to reflect that evening drawing from now on....

     The next one I read gave a person a whole 24 hours but does not send any kind of notice. It is the winner’s job to check the numbers and request confirmation of his winning e-ticket. Then the winner will be given instruction on getting their money. This one is a lot better for the winner because the prize is locked from the moment the winner submits the winning numbers. As long as no-one in the house does any kind of sales or marketing or retail or finance or work for one of a VERY long list of affiliates (including Wal-Mart), competitors (somehow including Staples), affiliates of competitors (this list includes McDonalds!), or practically breathe the air near one of the aforementioned!

     I had honestly never wondered why in four years of multiple daily drawings they had only made 19 people millionaires. But now I Know. FYI, I am no longer playing this one. Save my $5 a month for Scratch off tickets.... LOL!

     I investigated three others that I had been curious about before and found similar restrictions in the timelines as well as with business relationships! If I administrate a drawing I think I will be more determined to give the blasted money away.